There are societies beneath our existance...

Annie Spark and co.
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This is the NaNoWriMo journal of Sam Christopher, aka kleenexcow. I don't know how far I'll get, but I'm going to make the attempt! There are no guarantees that what's here is going to be good, but I am determined to churn out a first draft which I can then begin the process of revision on.
The novel itself is tenatively called "Inhuman". For hundreds (maybe even thousands) of years, werecreatures--Skin Walkers, have existed without our being aware of them except in our most terrifying stories.
The mankind is just beginning to learn how true these stories are. Inhuman follows the story of Jack Peeler as he attempts to reconcile himself with the stigma of being a Skin Walker in today's society, and how his children face these same problems. I hope that the novel will be influenced by a great deal of research about the civil rights movement and other historical instances of segregation. Ann Turkle really wants me to research animal behaviors, so it might come to that, too.
A short story that inspires me to weave my research in seamlessly is Andrea Barrett's "Rare Bird". I also will probably be reading Catherine Reid's Coyote, Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf, Jack London's Call of the Wild, Guy Endore's "Werewolf in Paris", and some things that catch my eye in The Comprehensive Guide to Werewolf Literature. I'm always on the lookout for interesting werewolf/shapeshifter movies. An acknowledgements page will definately be included.

If you're a friend of mine, I don't expect you to read this if it's not your bag. If you find this journal from another source, I don't expect you to read my personal journal if it's not your bag. Whatever. I also don't expect every comment to be a glowing review. In fact, I enjoy constructive criticism, so long as it isn't unnecessarily rude. Please, however, keep in mind that this is a first draft written rather quickly, so it is not quite up to National Book Award standards. Please yell at me if my word count is lagging.
I may be removing this entire journal at the end of November to reduce copyright complications. Just a warning.

Anyway, the story is, as I've said before, and urban fantasy. It centers around the idea that there are secret lycanthrope communities (i.e., werewolves) that most humans don't know about. However, the communities go beyond just werewolves...all sorts of creatures exist, from the large, multi-national prides of werefelines to the 10 member herds of weredeer. The story is set around the time that such groups are beginning to be known by baseline humans. I have a set of protagionists whose life stories I'm working on fleshing out, although not all of them will be utilized this month.

The characters are (so far) as follows:

The Peeler Family:
Harold "Jack" Peeler: Male. Jack Russell Terrier Lycanthrope. Father of Luke, Holly, Gabe, and (by adoption) Annie. He is employed National Field Director for the National Skin Walker Association, and is in charge of coordinating all efforts to keep anti-Skin walker legislation from passing. About medium height, medium build. Blonde hair.
Meredith Peeler: Female. Baseline human. Mother of Luke, Holly, Gabe, and (by adoption) Annie. Tall and thin, light brown hair. Sweet and very calm, she was a devoted housewife when her children were young, but now works part-time at a bakery.
Lucas "Luke" Peeler: Norwich Terrier Lycanthrope. 18. Currently talking a year off between high school and college, spends most of his time acting as an intern for Jack. Medium height, very stocky, with light blonde hair. Loyal and intelligent.
Holly Peeler: Jack Russell Terrier Lycanthrope. 17. High school senior. Very friendly, she was very entergetic as a child, and was always getting into trouble. She desperately wants to be a part of human culture, however, but is often discriminated against.
Annie Spark: Male ("Annie" is short for a ridiculously long Hindi name). Chocolate labrador Lycanthrope. 14. Born human, adopted by the Peelers when he was 5, after he was bitten. Rather short and dark-skinned. His hair is black and short. He resents Jack and Meredith because he blames them for being separated from his biological parents, but he is very close to Gabriel.
Gabriel "Gabe" Peeler: Baseline human. Male. 14. Gabe is tall and wiry, with shoulder-length blonde hair. Older than Annie, his adopted brother, by 5 months. While he is very close to his human mother, he also loves his father and siblings very much. He serves as sort of an emotional calm when skin walker politics are making everyone crazy.

Minor Characters:
William Endore Werewolf. Leader of the Atlanta, GA pack. 25 years old, has been the pack leader since he was 21.
Amanda Fuller Baseline human. One of Jack's employees. A 23-year old recent graduate of Columbia University with a degree in political science. Even though she is not a skin walker, she's devoted to helping the cause at any cost.
Skip Everett Bottlenose dolpin lycanthrope. Jack's college roommate. Has a bachelor's degree in marine biology, but currently works as a captain for a company that takes tourists on pleasure sailing trips off the coast of Florida.
Maggie Everett Bottlenose dolphin lycanthrope. 17 years old, Skip's daughter, Luke's sometimes-girlfriend.
Keenan Travis American mustang lycanthope. 15 years old. A member of the horse cult in West Texas.
Adam Peeler Boston Terrier lycanthrope. Lives in LA where he works in public relations for the local pack. Jack's younger brother. He has several kids, all of whom are skin walkers.
Laura and Michael Peeler Beagle and Bulldog lycanthropes, respectively. Jack and Adam's parents. Live in Raleigh, NC, where Jack and Adam grew up.